Who Wants To Be Found

Talia Mandati grows up among bodyguards, paparazzi, and bullet-proof windows, until she has enough: “Give me a new identity, like a protected witness.”
But what if she falls in love and won’t expose her past?
Talia breaks out and trades her fortune for freedom, becoming a new person called Keri.
With ups and downs it works until Keri meets the tough yet vulnerable Toby, landing in a clash of secrecy and realness.
If Toby struggles with life himself, he could betray her to the tabloids and gain big easy money. So how to reveal her secret and trust him?
Before settling in a foster family, Keri makes a terrible mistake, and it may be too late for a second chance.
Trying to keep journalists away, and evading public situations, she may always be afraid of exposure. Any confrontation can turn her life inside out again.

Inspired by true stories
As a teacher, author Arno had a Prince of Orange in his class, right at his desk. Seeing the teen boy struggling with unwelcome attention, Arno wondered: if you don’t want a public life like this, how to get out?
The novel is also based on facts in the life of Athina Onassis. She inherited 2 billion euro but had a complex childhood, haunted by the tabloids and paparazzi.

Themes and keywords
trust, fear, courage - a fast and filmic diary style -
from fame and wealth to freedom - love, identity and privacy, self-esteem -
when can you trust a friend a hundred percent?

Who Wants To Be Found has the elements of celebrity, adventure, intrigue, but equally great depth about the themes mentioned above, literary, critical, dynamic, social and psychological, with mental suspense